Events Calendar

Club run, Sunday November 15th!

Meet at the club shed at 10am and bring along something for a picnic lunch. Please contact Ross Watson for details.  His number is in your newsletter.  

*Covid-safe restrictions apply.


All other club activities have been suspended until the committee is able to clearly establish which activities can resume.

Please feel free to email in any stories, photos or news and we can either publish it here, share it around the club by group email, or print it in our monthly newsletter. Share via our club email, ​[email protected]

Lets stay connected!


NOTE!  All members must have paid their club fees by now.  We are still unsure when we will be holding our AGM, but you still need to remain financial to maintain your membership.  This is particularly important if you hold a vehicle Club Permit with this club.  Your vehicle may be considered unregistered if driven while you're unfinancial, attracting significant fines.  Please check the newsletter for details about paying your fees.

*For enquiries regarding anything to do with the club, please use our "Contact Us" page.

We welcome contributions to this website. If you have an event that you would like publicised, please contact us and we may be able to list it here.